«Cinderella Fairy tale»

By Víctor Castellano, 4º B Primaria

Once Cinderella escaped out of the castle her shoe disappeared because of magic. The prince ran to ask Cinderella her name, but she entered the carriage. The prince was very sad and in that moment cinderella´s fairygoodmother appeared. The fairygoodmother asked the prince what had happened and he told  her all the story, she decided to tell him where he could find Cinderella. When Cinderella went to her home at 1:30, she started to clean the house again. Then her stepmother and stepsisters came up to their house and told Cinderella that a misterious woman danced all night with the prince. The next day the prince found Cinderella and he asked her «Do you want to marry me?»,  Cinderella said no and the prince very sad asked «What´s your name?» -and she asked «My name is no, my son is no, my number is no», and they started to dance.