By Sara Bernal del Real, 5º Primaria-B

Once upon a time there was a little panda that Iived in the peaceful forests of China, which are full of Bamboo.

One day, some gentlemen transported the panda in a huge truck, inside it there were lots of different exotic animals.

The panda was nervous but a tiger reassured him, and told him that all the animals on the truck went to a place where they would be well cared and cured. He also told him that when they were healed they would return to the forest.


The journey was very long, but finally they reached their destination, the Zoo Aquarium of Madrid.

There, he met a clumsy and naive elephant that did not stop jumping and that made the ground shake all the time.

Every day they did tests of all kinds, (physical, psychomotor …)

The panda´s disease was not very serious, but it had to be meticulously taken care of.

When he recovered, he returned to China very happy.