What the world needs now is love, sweet love from the young generation

What would your perfect world be like?

A very important issue, and at the same time, frequently not listened enough to, enters in our lives these days to remember us how the real world is. And this is war. On January 30th, the School Day of Non-Violence and Peace is celebrated, a day that serves to think about our world and human behavior. And yes, we can think and act all we want these days in favor of peace. However, we only do so when this day approaches, as we are doing well right now, writing this opinion that quotes peace. But once this date has passed, we completely forget about all that has been said and done. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the hypocrisy.

And this is why we believe that violence, war, will not cease. Violence will continue to act in our world as long as we have this thought. We should think about peace and worry about violent confrontations every day of the year. And now we ask a question, what would a perfect world look like? For us, a perfect world should have as its only requirement, peace. A peace in which we are all equal, in which there are no problems of power or corrupt politics, in which different ideologies respect each other, in which the only interest is to live together in peace and not to benefit ourselves at the expense of other people’s suffering, and all in order to have a couple of green papers that have no other value than the one we give them. All of this would describe our perfect world.

And we know that we can achieve this, that we can put an end to all the violence and leave only that peace that we miss. It’s a matter of effort and faith. Together, we can make peace happen. And what about you? What would your perfect world be like?

By Adrián García and Cristina Castilla

World Peace Day 🕊


As John Lennon said in his inspiring song “imagine”, let’s try to picture a world without violence, wars, hunger, economical conflicts and political disputes. We visualize it as the union of mankind working for a place where peace is the rule not the exception. Non families torn apart or orphan kids due to the ravages of war. A world where there’s no one afraid of walking through the streets at night, speaking their minds or raising their voices. A place where revenge is not seen as justice and no men or women is craving to inflict pain on others.A peaceful world is possible, but we have to work together, put aside our differences and try to do our best to make it happen.

By Valeria Arteaga, Daniela Dávila and Alejandro Castilla

Peace is in our hands

Due to the peace day we want to describe how the perfect world would be for us, starting by a world full of peace and without war. But, how is that perfect world for us?

One of the most important points is how people think, with this we mean to be more open minded. Nowadays lots of people  still see reality in a different way, furthermore they don’t know how to accept other people’s opinions. One of the main reasons this happens is because kids have not been taught the aspects needed in life. The solution we propose is improving education from a moral point of view.

The other thing that is not working in this society  is that we don’t know how to resolve problems talking, we just shout or hit each other starting a fight. This wouldn’t happen if kids did not think that the solution of everything is to shout.

In addition there´s another point to talk about. Comparisons are one of the main reasons for people feeling less, what generates the majority of the conflicts.

To sum up, there are a lot of things that society has to improve and change so we can live the life we dream.

By Annia Herrera and Carla Díaz