My superhero

My superhero by Sergio 2º ESO

One day David went to Spain. He was looking for his biological parents because in the newspaper it said that a couple were looking for his son, the son would be 20 years old more or less. David was asking people if they knew about his parents, but no one knew them. Suddenly that couple said to David that they were his parents. They went home to talk about why they had given him into adoption and a lot of things more that didn’t matter, except one thing. Carmen started talking about them because they have super powers. At that moment David didn’t believe them but they proved it by showing him their powers. They said that David also had superpowers and when turning he would be really sick and after one day his super powers would be developing.

David went back to Canada (his home) really scared. The day before his birthday David went to his biological parent’s house because they said to him that he had to come the day before his birthday because if that happened with Zoe and Noah it (his adoptive parents) there would be a big problem. So when he was sick Carmen and Ramón told him that he has superpowers because his great-grandfather was a scientific and he created one thing that goes into your bones and veins and that would cause you secondary effects that create those superpowers.

The next day David woke up. He thought to go to the bathroom and without moving he appeared in the bathroom. Then he wanted to close the door and it happened. Then his dog picked his shoes and he started running and in one second he was near the dog. At that moment he realized that those thing happened because of the superpowers. He quickly went for his parents. They were really happy and they had a meeting with all the family where they decided to give him a superheroe name: tpman

KEHORT by Marco 2º ESO

One day, one guy called Kheort was in Paris. He was twenty-five years old, his parents were called Joy and Mira but… they died one day when they were in a lab and one supervillain attacked them because they were investigating him, and his parents almost had the way to defeat him.

He came from another world called Neath, that place was poor because the supervillain called Heoln had conquered a lot of planets. He had all the villagers as slaves and almost all the people died being twenty or thirty years old. Heoln’s plan was to also conquer the Earth, but then there was Kehort who had come from another world that was also conquered and destroyed because of Heoln. But a kid from that world had survived, and that kid was Kehort. Heoln gave him powers and sent him to the Earth. Kehort was just born and that was the reason to let him live as Heoln wanted Kehort to help him conquer the Earth.

But when years passed Kehort was feeling bad and suddenly started to fly and he had superstrenght. Luckily no one was looking at him. His partners were all sleeping because he had to live in an orphanage. He wasn´t very sociable, but he knew he was funny, intelligent, he was also very polite, empathic and wise. He was thin, tall, he had blue eyes and a big nose like his mouth and ears, he had a lot of freckles in all his body but especially on his face.

That day in which Heoln was coming to conquer the Earth, Kehort had bought a suit to protect the world from all the villains that would come to the world. It was blue and black. He was trying to know how to use his powers until he said “that’s it” because he was tired of trying. Suddenly, he became stronger with big muscles in his arms, in his legs and in his abdominals. And suddenly, he started flying and he almost broke his bed with only a blow. When hours went by Kehort knew how to control his powers.

But all of a sudden, a sound was coming from the outside. It was like a plane when it lands but it also was like a bird singing. Because of that he decided to look through the window and all of his partners felt like him: afraid and confused with an object that had just appeared and suddenly someone said with a very strange voice:”Kehort the one I saved from that poor planet called Neath, you had just been born when I saw you, I sent you here with a mission that was waiting for me and then helping me, I gave you those powers that now you’re feeling. And now you’re going to come with me”.

So Kehort was being absorbed by that flying object and when he entered the ship Heoln appeared saying:

-Let me conquer the Earth.

-No, I will not let you touch the Earth. It is where I have grown up, and you’ve killed the only people that loved me so if you want to touch the Earth you have to kill me! – Kehort answered very angry.

-So, I will have to kill you – Heoln said disappointedly.

-If you can – Kehort said smirking.

So suddenly they started to fight. Kehort was trying hard, very hard and knowing and recognizing that Heoln had killed his parents. Kehort was so angry that gave him a big punch in his face and beat him. And Kehort saved the Earth.

The days went by and Kehort was started to be recognised by all the people and suddenly he was walking in the street in Paris, and he saw a beautiful girl, Kehort went running for her and asked her name. She said she was called Ali, they started talking and they went to a coffee shop and the fell in love. They were laughing, talking and looking to each other in the eyes. That moment was beautiful.

5 years later… the Earth is safe and Kehort became famous and has a lot of fans and stuff like that. There are a lot of pictures, posters, shops etc. about him and he got married to Ali and they have a child called John.

But no one knows if a villain could come…

Time-traveller by Meritxell 2º ESO

It all started when I was 10 years old, when I lived in London. I went with my friends to visit the Big Ben, we went to the higher part of it and we started to run and play when a gear, fell on me. When I woke up, I was in a big palace, the time palace, where my cousin Gloria (Stop-timer) also was. A man came and told us what had happened. He said that we had to choose between dying or having superpowers. I chose having time-travelling superpowers.

Before I had the superpowers, I was a normal kid. I met with my friends, I loved my family… But now I cannot do all those things. I must leave them. The superpowers affect a lot my social circle. I don’t have so many friends anymore. I continue loving my family, but I cannot see them because I would put them in danger. The only person that knows of my superpowers is my cousin Gloria (Stop-timer).

At the beginning I couldn’t control my powers and it was a disaster but, in a few months, I controlled it and now I like it.

Physically I am tall, my eyes are small and brown but with the sun and according to the day they are honey-coloured. My nose is normal, my mouth is small, and the ears are also small.

Mentally I consider myself a friendly and collaborative person. I also consider myself very shy and I have a strong character. I do not like injustices, lies and people who judge at first sight without first knowing the other person.

My archenemy is called Raider. His superpowers are the invisibility and telekinesis.

Stop-timer by Gloria 2º ESO

My power is to stop time.

It all started when I was 9 years old. I lived in London and, one day, I went with my friends to visit the Big Ben. We went to the higher part of it, we started running and playing, when suddenly, a gear felt on me. When I woke up I was in a very big palace, the time palace, where my cousin Meritxell was also, because the gear had felt to the two of us. Then, a man with a big clock as a necklace came and told us what had happened, he also made us choose between dying and having a time related superpower in my case, the superpower he offered me was stopping time, and obviously I preferred having a mega cool superpower to die.

I was a normal kid, I went out with friends, loved my parents and family. I spent almost all my childhood with my cousin, we were inseparable. I went to school, I had a dog, my life was normal.

My life changed a lot, I didn’t know how to control my powers and it was very difficult to hide from my family. I had to be ready to see people like statues every time my power wanted. I thought it was going to be super cool to have a superpower but I couldn’t say it to anyone except my cousin, so it was not cool at all. It affected me a lot.

My parents don’t know about it, but I know they suspect something happened to me that afternoon. They didn’t ask me for a very long time, until the day I left home. They said: Our little girl, we hope you aren’t leaving because of you are not happy, we know something happens, but we really hope it’s not our fault. When I heard those words, my heart broke up, my parents were crying because I couldn’t tell them what had happened that afternoon. I will always remember all they did for me. They always gave the best to me and they did their best.

Physically, I’m 1’60 so, I’m not tall at all, I’m thin but I’m strong, my hair is straight and brown, my eyes are brown with a little green, I have thin lips and a big nose.

Mentally, I support equality, I’m a business administrator in New York, USA, and in my free time I do Karate and I also collaborate with a dog pound. I love animals, shopping and doing sports, and obviously, saving people.

My Archenemy is Catcher, he tries to catch dogs without owner, and he is trying to eliminate them from the world.

ANNIBAL by Diraysi 2º ESO

Hi! My name is Summer. I am 15 years old and I live with mi parents Raven and Robert Dale. One day my father said that a friend worked in a famous laboratory in Metrópolis and if I wanted to go. I obviously said yes because I love science, so I had to travel to Metrópolis When I entered to the laboratory, the friend of my father said:

(RICHARD)-Hello! Summer, I´m Richard, I know that you love science and animals, so we are going to fusion de DNA of all the animals and mix it with the blood of humans.

(SUMMER)-Wow! That is amazing, but what person will you use for the experiment?

(RICHARD)-Oh! That is easy the person that we will use is… YOU!

When I woke up I was on a stretcher, then Richard came closer to me and he said:

(RICHARD)-Good Morning Summer! We are going to do the experiment.


(RICHARD)-We did a test before and it did not work out, so if you die, sorry!

When they put me the DNA of the animals I felt a tingle, so Richard left me in a room.

SUPER POWERS: (SUMMER)-I hate my life I always have bad luck!

The only exit that there was is the window.

(SUMMER)-I wish I were a bird.

Then I felt that my body starting to change. And POOF! I became a bird!

(SUMMER)-Wow it’s amazing!!!

So I flew up to the window and opened it and escaped.

When I arrived at my house, I saw my mother washing the dishes and my father watching the TV.

(RAVEN)-Hey Summer! How was the visit to the laboratory?

I was in shock because I did not want to tell my parents anything so I went up the stairs quickly.

(RAVEN)-I never understand this girl.

When I entered my room I told myself:

(SUMMER)-This will be a secret.


When I went to the school I saw Charles getting involved with one of the younger ones.

(SUMMER)-Hey! What are you doing Charles? Are you getting involved with a child younger than you because you do not want to see yourself humiliated by a 14-year-old child?

(CHARLES)-You will find out!!!!!

I felt like as if I had a sixth sense. I took the fist of Charles, and I do not know what I did, but I broke his arm.

Since then my life has changed, now I save lives in Gotham and also what could go wrong?